EquoAmigos Hippotherapy

Hippotherapy Fundamentals

Therapeutic Riding requires the involvement of the entire body of the patient, thus contributing to their overall development.
The horseback rider receives continuous input by horse movements that are transmitted to the rider through the alignment of the gravitational centers (client and animal). When the gravity center from rider shifts during the horse riding, we notice movement in all three planes (flexion/extension in the sagital plane, lateral flexion in the frontal plane, and rotation in the transverse plane). The kinetic and dynamic action carried out by the horse stimulates the client’s automatic postural reactions where the sensory information has an important role in modifying motor responses.
The approach works in the orientation and adaptation involving the central nervous system through feed-back and feed forward mechanism.
Hippotherapy can be considered a set of educating and rehabilitative techniques that work to overcome sensory-motor, cognitive and behavioral issues.