EquoAmigos Hippotherapy


Therapeutic Riding Programs consists on three phases, which are: Hippotherapy, Education and Retraining, and Equestrian Sports.
The therapist assesses the treatment strategies and outcomes according to the patient’s response.
The clinician then modifies the treatment strategies based on the patient’s level of success in meeting the system and motor goals and functional outcomes set for the single session.

Within the clinical condition of each client, our aim is to explore their maximum potential.

  • Hippotherapy program – It is recommended for clients who do not have autonomy, whether physical, psychological, emotional, to be alone on the horse, requiring the therapist to ride with them, until this client reaches all the required goals



  • Education and Retraining Equestrian program – The client already has postural and /or psychological autonomy but is still not fit for the Equestrian program,  which requires stand by assist until this patient reaches all the required goals.



  • Equestrian program – At this stage the client starts having independent control of the horse,  being prepared for the inclusion in the equestrian activity, which will prepare them for sport.