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Ludic therapeutic resources

From infancy to old age, play is consistently related to positive wellbeing. Put simply, play makes better and happier kids.

Ludic resources, such as toys have a crucial role for children in therapeutic horseback riding. They contribute for the implementation of therapeutic goals in many different ways. Some toys can help to develop not only neuromotor skills, provide opportunities for children to boost their cognitive development, speech and language abilities, but also to practice listening. In addition, play promotes better social interaction, teaching how relationships work through their play experiences and helps to create better engagement among children, their therapists and the activities proposed.

The toys presented bellow can help to increase upper limbs strength, motor coordination, hand-eyes control among other benefits.

bolimForth and back ball- this game helps motor coordination, upper limbs strength and hand-eyes control.


discCatch the ball- this game provides better spatial-temporal reasoning, motor coordination, upper limbs strength and hand-eyes control.


bolinha       bolinha2Catch the ball


Assemble the car and puzzles – these games enhance fine motor skills and cognitive strategies

pintura   quebra