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The facility is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, strategically located in the city of Niterói. We started with the Therapeutic Horseback Riding approach in 1997. The facility space includes a beautiful and large green field, parking, locker rooms, indoor arena, access ramp for wheelchair users and a riding school in an area separated from Therapeutic Riding. Currently there are approximately 80 clients in the program, with ages varying from 2 to 60 years old. The clinic operates Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.The optimum requirements for the horses would be gentle temperament, gelding, appropriate size horse and others. Currently the clinic is using five horses for the Therapeutic Riding practice. The teaching materials and riding programs are always individualized for the client’s goals.

Equoamigos Space


Trained and dedicated professionals make our project successfull: the true equoamigos, who besides their qualifications as Physiotherapists are incredible human beings!
Sensitivity, compassion, respect and seriousness are our motto!
Learn more about these inspiring people and get to know the Equoamigos project.

Dr. Veronica Dutra

Veronica earned her bachelor degree in physiotherapy in 2014 and did her internship in physiotherapy in our clinic in 2013 .

Dr. Aline Barreto

Aline Rodrigues earned her bachelor degree in physiotherapy in 2008. Aline has a large experience in Neurology. She is specialized in Reeducation Posture Global among other specializations that she has dedicated herself lately.

Roberta Benayon Azevedo de Carvalho
CREFITO 056434-F

Augusto César Soares
CREFITO 294953-F

Pamela Capeloti Krettly
CREFITO 247820-F

Marcelle de Magalhães Gonçalves
CREFITO 328856-F

Dr. Mylena Medeiros – Diretora

Mylena Medeiros is the director of the Therapeutic Riding Center-EquoAmigos in the state of Rio de Janeiro. She has been a physical therapist since 1996, and specialized in Therapeutic Riding and Neurorehabilitation in Brazil. She published four books about horseback riding therapy which had large receptivity in Brazil and abroad. She worked as a university professor and created the Therapeutic Horseback Riding course for six universities in Brazil. Mylena is the president of Equoamigos Association, a non-profit organization,which offers therapeutic horsebck riding treatment since 1997. Currently, Mylena Medeiros lives in Canada, where she is conducting a research project associated with therapeutic horseback riding at University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg.

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