What makes a good therapy horse?

Therapeutic Horseback Riding is a multidisciplinary approach which has become known worldwide in recent decades. The horse is an incredible animal that serves a multifaceted and dynamic role in therapeutic horseback riding, enhancing the quality of life of many people with different disabilities and needs.

Ludic therapeutic resources

From infancy to old age, play is consistently related to positive wellbeing. Put simply, play makes better and happier kids.

Teaching Children with Autism to Mind-Read through Therapeutic Riding

Autism is a complex disorder that affects many aspects of a child’s functioning.

Virtual Rehabilitation Using Oculus Rift Designed to Aid Stroke Therapy Patients

The TechSandbox competition, coordinated by the University of Washington’s Center for Sensoriomotor Neural Engineering (CSNE), in Seattle, US, was so successful...

Aerobic exercise can increase size of brain area involved in learning and memory

Brisk walking for two hours a week may help boost brainpower in women at risk of dementia, say researchers...

Resources used in Cerebral Palsy for Bronchial Desobstruction at Therapeutic Ridi

It has been proved that during the therapeutic horseback riding interventions, the client’s centre of gravity shifts during the activity...

Complementary Resources in Therapeutic Riding

Multiple factors have influenced the increasing of Cerebral Palsy incidence in Brazil and worldwide...

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