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Neuromotor and psychosocial benefits.

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Equoamigos has 20,000 square meters, parking, bathrooms, a covered riding arena, wheelchair-accessible ramp for horseback riding, and a riding school in a separate area from Equotherapy.

Who is for?

The Equotherapy is aimed at children with sensory-motor and psychosocial indications.
If at least one of the options below is marked, equotherapy is recommended!

Sensory-motor Indication

Psychosocial Indication

Hippotherapy & Friends & Equoamigos &

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Who is Mylena Medeiros

"My mission with Hippotherapy began in 1996, with the opening of our Região Oceânica centre, located in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, following my graduation in physiotherapy at the Helena Antipoff Higher School..."

Books of Mylena Medeiros

Hippotherapy & Friends & Equoamigos &


What makes a good therapy horse?

Therapeutic Horseback Riding is a multidisciplinary approach which has become known worldwide in recent decades. The horse is an incredible animal that serves a multifaceted and dynamic role in therapeutic horseback riding, enhancing the quality of life of many people with different disabilities and needs.

Ludic therapeutic resources

From infancy to old age, play is consistently related to positive wellbeing. Put simply, play makes better and happier kids.

Teaching Children with Autism to Mind-Read through Therapeutic Riding

Autism is a complex disorder that affects many aspects of a child’s functioning.


Hippotherapy can be considered a set of educating and rehabilitative techniques
that work to overcome sensory-motor, cognitive and behavioral issues.


The Equoamigos organization is dedicated to advancing rehabilitation practice by promoting hippotherapyand supporting, conducting and disseminating research to improve the quality of healthcare to individuals with physical or intelectual disabilities.


As healthcare technology advances, more people are surviving injuries and diseases that once would have been fatal. People experiencing chronic illnesses are living longer, and the need for rehabilitation services continues to expand. The Equoamigos organization provides excellence in the field of hippotherapy as an effective and innovative treatment strategy that improves the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.


Integrity: Commitment to the highest standards of personal, ethical and professional behavior.
Accountability: Commitment to good stewardship, transparency, and fiduciary responsibility.
Accessibility: Promoting availability for those who cannot afford to pay for this therapy.
Innovation: Promoting research and evidence based treatment strategies.
Excellence: Promoting the highest caliber of programs and resources.
Collaboration: Networking and partnering with organizations with similar missions and values.

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